Removing heavy metals from the body is an important part of the therapy.

Many heavy metals can be found in the cells (inside them). It is very difficult to remove them from the body using only some sorts of tea, by fasting or using some kind of medicine for cleansing blood, liver and kidney. The reason is that they only clean the fluid (intercellular), blood and lymph, where only 5 to 10% of heavy metals can be isolated, while 90 to 95% of heavy metals are inside the cells. Positively and negatively charged ions can penetrate the cells and "bind to themselves" heavy metals (including pesticides, herbicides, paints, preservatives, remnants of drugs, organic acid residues, etc.).

Thorough detoxification of the entire body at the cellular level can last for years, while with the help of Ion Cleans Detox, the procedure can be shortened to 3 to 6 months (max. 12 months). There are many kinds of devices with positively and negatively charged ions for such detoxification on the market. Of course, not all of them are effective. In the experience of one of the American University Hospitals for detoxification, Ion Cleanse Detox proved to be the most effective. This device is recommended by the Autism Society of America, too.

The most harmful effects caused by the presence of heavy metals:

-  disable the natural production of Gc proteins in the body, caused by the collapse of the immune system
-  disorders of the nervous system (depression, anxiety, autism, Asperger syndrome, ADD / ADHD)
-  imbalance of the left and right brain hemisphere




At CanSAVE Center in Vrnika, Slovenija, we remove heavy metals from your body using Ion Cleans Detox technology. The method and quantity of detoxification are determined in accordance with the tests on the presence of heavy metals performed by using the OligoScan technology. The testes are carried out before the detoxification begins. 

For more detailed information and to schedule the therapy, please call: +386 31 440 430.



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