Medical petroleum can be used against cancer and for the regulation of the gut, against parasites

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Medical petroleum

Medical petroleum-pure kerosene (purified, distilled petroleum) cleanses the body very thoroughly. It is used for decontamination of body as well as for regeneration and healing diseases and wounds. It is non-toxic to humans. Many cases have confirmed that petroleum can cure cancer, tumor, metastases, diseased prostate, diabetes, nausea, childhood paralysis, rheumatism, gout, bowel obstruction, leukemia, anemia, liver disease, bile, intestines, digestive disorders and many other illnesses or alleviate suffering from those diseases.
Turpentine and petroleum distillates, such as petroleum (kerosene), have been used for medical purposes since ancient times and are still used as natural remedies for many ailments. They were used in old Babylon to treat stomach problems, inflammation and ulcers. The process of distillation of crude oil to the petroleum hydrocarbon fraction was first described in the IX century Persia.
Genadi Petrovich Malachov, in his book "Treatment with Kerosene", says that 100% purified petroleum is the only harmless and healing substance and that it is actually another name for kerosene. However, kerosene, which, as everyone knows, is used as aviation fuel, should not be taken orally because it contains an antifreeze agent (since planes fly at high altitudes). During the process of distillation, various poisons, such as petroleum residues and different heavy metals are extracted from petroleum. So, do not buy lamp petroleum or fuel kerosene, but exclusively the distilled, one hundred percent pure petroleum because it is the only one which is harmless. Pure petroleum can be recognized in the way that it cannot be visually distinguished from water. It is completely transparent, and if it is in a glass, there is no difference (except for its smell and taste) between petroleum and water. Different sorts of petroleum enriched with various additives which make them  unusable for medical treatments, have also been added various colours, so it is the easiest way to distinguish them.
Initially, petroleum was widely used in pharmaceutical purposes for the treatment of tuberculosis and psoriasis, but official medicine has never recognized its therapeutic properties. It is particularly interesting that the first person in the world to write about the healing properties of kerosene when it comes to malignant diseases was Joseph Pančić in his book "Spruce". After that the Serbs massively started treating themselves with petroleum. Those who survived because of the petroleum treatment, later got the answer that their diagnosis were wrong. Doctor Paula Canner, who, at the age of 31, cured herself of bowel cancer that metastasized to kidneys, has a neat record of over 2,000 patients who got a new life thanks to the petroleum which completely cured their cancer. Despite having serious threats after publishing her papers, Paula was not scared and, thanks to her persistence, nowadays petroleum is legalized in treating cancer in Switzerland, France, Poland and Hungary.

MEDICAL PETROLEUM as a cure for treating:
eczema and psoriasis (when the skin is dry, it cracks and there is a rupture or there is some bleeding from those cracks)
diarrhea or nausea (for stomach problems)
motion sickness (including sea sickness)
excessive sweating
detoxifies body
it is an antiseptic
skin burns
infections and inflammations

MEDICAL PETROLEUM dries and dehydrates cells. Any of the cancerous tumor is a community of living cells with the rapid cell division. If they are deprived of fluids, they die. This is one of the basic characteristics of kerosene, which directly affects cancer cells. Kerosene has high penetrating power. As a rule, each tumor is surrounded by some kind of protective barrier. Human organism behaves in the same name-it isolates itself from tumors with some sort of protection. Medicines cannot easily overcome that barrier. But the properties of kerosene are such that it relatively easily overcomes this barrier, and has a direct effect on cancer cells. Malignant tumors cause pain and inflammation in the tissues. A kerosene can reduce inflammation, providing a painless effect, which is necessary for a cancer patient.
It is best to start with smaller doses, in order to avoid possible side effects, as well as to find out how medical petroleum affects your body. Therefore, it is recommended to start with a dose of half a teaspoon or less. Medical petroleum is exclusively taken on an empty stomach in the morning. However, it is recommended to take the recommended amount before going to bed, although it is necessary to make a break of a few hours from a light supper to the taking of petroleum.
In general, it is recommended to take one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening, except that in certain diseases the dosage may be increased to the highest levels, but should not be exaggerated.
The therapy lasts until the patient is completely healed, which according to the experiences of some people occurs quite quickly (in some cases, after 20 days of regular consumption, and in some cases before or after that). Of course, if the recommended doses are taken and certain corrections in the diet made, the effects should be very quickly seen. And there are some people who preventively consume medical petroleum every year.
If you get a diarrhea, do not worry, because it means that the body is being cleaned. It is not recommended to take drugs to prevent diarrhea. In most cases it is enough to reduce the dose of petroleum.
It should be kept in mind that medical petroleum is extremely dangerous if it gets into the lungs.This should be taken into account as this can mainly occurs during vomiting after consuming petroleum.




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