In half of the cases, cancer (cell mutation) is the result of a decrease in energy levels or energy flow in our energy channels (meridians), organs and cells. The healthy cell has an energy output of 70mV to 120mV and is open - its passability is good. The sick cell has a voltage below 50 mV and the cancer occurs below 40 mV. Cancer cells have a reduced cell membrane permeability compared to healthy cells.
 How does it happen?
In half of the cases, cancer is a result of the uncontrolled, suppressed emotions caused by stress. This occurs before the onset of cancer, and the cause can be found either in early childhood or in recent events. Every feeling-emotion has its own natural path, from the creation at the mental level to the manifestation at the level of energy. Emotion is usually shortly kept in our physical body, then it is channeled - it leaves the physical body. This is called channeling of feelings - emotions. The problem arises when our consciousness or subconscious (which are higher than the physical body; they vibrates more) in the moment when we experience painful emotions block our natural energy flow. This leads to "illusory fear" (something bad will happen to us). Then we do not live the emotions and do not throw them out of us. Repressed-blocked emotions in time create an energy blockade on a meridian and a specific organ (retention of energy), which leads to the formation of disease at the cellular level. Those cells which are influenced by the lack of energy and do not have enough energy (they are below 50 mV) then either mutate into cancer cells or die out. The higher the mental and emotional blockade and the hidden pressure inside the person are, the cancer grows faster. Anyone who is able to unblock and channel suppressed emotions and bad patterns of thinking from the past, releases the flow of energy at the place where the cancer is. Accordingly, energy will balance and turn the process in the opposite direction. Mutated cells will have no more reasons to keep this form. They will either die or turn to healthy cells again.
We are responsible for blocking emotions and energy inside us. ALWAYS! Regardless of whether we thought, felt or did something wrongly consciously - intentionally, subconsciously - or unintentionally, or what we did not do but should have done; in all three cases consequences are the same: the decrease of energy in energy channels - meridians, organs and cells. Our bad or uncontrolled thoughts, emotions and actions affect our mood and the flow of energy through our body. For example: if we are happy and in love, we flourish and are radiant. If we are scared, angry, sad, disappointed, depressed, angry, we are empty, negative, almost everyone is uncomfortable in our company. Then the cells are closed and the membrane becomes impermeable, and the energy supply is greatly reduced. If this often happens, it can be said that the cause is chronic, or that there were unexpected suppressed emotions - feelings.

Dr Velkov and Dr Day: “Diseases do not exist - there is only the body and mind intoxication!”
When someone is told that they are suffering from cancer or AIDS, the cells of their immune system will stop working in a few hours. Why is it so?
The reason is that by the persistent repetition over many years that AIDS and cancer are deadly diseases, the "owners" of these diseases have programmed people to die.
Our task is to break this program.
Anyone who thinks they are going to die of cancer or AIDS need to be deprogrammed and let their cells re-establish their own metabolism.
While we are stressed out and in the program of death, the cell closes its membrane and does not receive any nutrients or releases toxins so that one cell after the other is dying.
Anyone who thinks they are seriously ill should erase this program out of their head and start living normally.
Leave yourself to the joys of life, go out into the light of the day, TURN THE TV OFF, do not read newspapers, be as much in nature as possible, do not remove SMILE from your face, eat raw food, throw all the poisons out of the house and everything will be fine.
Diseases do not exist; there is only the body and mind intoxication.
Dr. Sladjana Velkov
"Aborigines are Australia's first inhabitants. They have one ritual.
If one of the men from the tribe violates a certain ban, then the medicine man is called. He comes with his bag full of everything and anything takes out a chicken bone from it and directs it to the offender. This is called the bone pointing.
A man always dies, if not immediately, then in a couple of days. Why he dies? Because he believes that he will die - he had a bone pointed at him.
The same thing happens in medicine. Many patients die very quickly after the doctor tells them how much of their life is still left.
The doctor has “pointed the bone”! The patient dies because they believe that they will die. But you do not have to accept it.”
Dr Lorain Day





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