The role of enzymes in fighting cancer



Enzymes for Cancer: Low Enzymes Are Always Found In Cancer...
Enzymes Digest Cancer Cells
Researchers have noted for years a correspondence between low levels of enzymes and cancer. In fact enzyme therapy has been used with good results against cancers in Europe, and by some doctors in the United States. To literally digest cancerous cells. 
In the early 1900's a doctor in Wales, John Beard discovered that pancreatic enzymes destroyed cancer cells. Making some brilliant observations, he deduced that cancer cells come from stem cells that become uncontrolled stem cells. He noticed that the fetal pancreas starts working and secreting enzymes at the 56th day of gestation. Fetuses don't digest anything till they are born. Beard wondered why did the pancreas in the fetus start working so early? He noticed that the day the pancreas started producing enzymes was the day the placenta stopped growing. The enzymes stopped this rapid growth. 
His theory about enzymes and cancer was that many placental cells remain in our body. When these misplaced placental cells get lost and can start growing, turning cancerous if you don't have enough pancreatic enzymes. (By the way the medical community thought Dr. Beard was crazy. Now a hundred years later, technology has confirmed there are these cells.)
In 1911 he tested pancreatic enzymes for stopping cancer in mice and it worked. Naturally and unfortunately, he was blackballed and died in obscurity. Decades later Dr. Kelly read about his work, and cured himself of cancer using pancreatic enzymes and started treating and curing many cancer patients using pancreatic enzymes. Dr. Gonzales, sent to investigate Dr. Kelly, liked what he saw so much that he also treats cancer using pancreatic enzymes. 
Unfortunately, very high amounts of supplemental emzymes must be used to have much effectiveness. And enzyme therapy, even in the over 120 capsules a day range only tests good to use on our testing scale, coming in at 350 for fighting cancer in general.
The major reason enzymes levels become depleted is that we eat mostly processed, irradiated and cooked food. 
The digestive system was designed to process raw food. Raw food, when it is picked ripe, has enzymes in it that help break down that food in the upper stomach where it sits for 30 to 45 minutes. The enzymes in the food predigest that food. Then in the lower stomach the pancreas excretes more enzymes. 
When you eat cooked, irradiated and processed foods, the enzymes have been killed; the food does not predigest in the upper stomach. So when it reaches the lower stomach two things happen. The pancreas must make extra enzymes to try and break down the food. 
And often the food is only partially digested. 
The pancreas, after years of producing excessive amounts of digestive enzymes, gets its enzyme production signaling out of balance and doesn't produce enough of the proteolytic enzymes that are used to digest cancer cells, pathogens, toxins, fibrin in the arteries, and scar tissue. 
In addition, food that is not completely digested all too often makes its way into the bloodstream. Especially if you have leaky gut syndrome from candida overgrowth. This partially digest food is treated as a toxin, and the immune system has to get rid of it. This puts an additional strain on the already overworked immune system. 
Taking a good quality enzyme supplement with meals, which has high levels of protease to digest protein, lipase to digest fat, and amylase to digest carbohydrates, helps break down food in the upper stomach. So that the pancreas doesn't have to produce extra enzymes, and food will be better digested. 
According to our testing, the major reason taking massive amounts of supplemental enzymes has been only somewhat successful, testing only at 350 on our scale, is that the enzymes are not 100% identical to human enzymes so they just don't work as well in the body. 
In addition, when you take supplemental enzymes, there is not as good a delivery system to direct the enzymes. They float around the body and digest whatever they run into. When your pancreas makes proteolytic enzymes, the immune system is there to take the enzymes where they are supposed to go.
When we tested an elixir that both turns on production by the pancreas of proteolytic enzymes to digest cancer cells, candida, toxins, unwanted fibrin, scar tissue and to reduce inflammation also, it was no surprise that this elixir tested much stronger than using massive amounts of supplemental enzymes to fight cancer. 

It is a frequency enhanced elixir that tells your body, and specifically your pancreas, to make optimal amounts of additional proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes to deal with all the various ill health situations that there are in your body.
Your body is told to prioritize what needs to be focused on first. For example, the enzymes would be taken first to digest cancer cells rather than digesting scar tissue as it is more important to deal with the cancer.
The instructions tell the body to make enough enzymes to digest all the cancer in the body in a couple of months. Whether this happens, we will have to see. It is new, but tests very strong, coming in at a high 22,300 which makes it one of the most important supplements to be using.
The proteolytic enzymes will digest the fibrin coating on tumors, exposing them to the immune system. They will then digest the cancer cells, and also the candida that is in tumors. 

The proteolytic enzymes will be digesting these dead cells too, and hopefully will be significantly increasing the speed of dead cancer cell destruction and removal. This action could increase the speed of tumor shrinking, and decrease the load on the liver as the enzymes will both be digesting the cancer cells and the toxins in them. The lymph system would have less to handle as the cancer cells are being digested on the spot. You can't do much better than this when it comes to both fighting the cancer and supporting the body.
If you are not digesting protein well, maybe it will help you with this important enzymes for the degradation and pre digesting. Your body can use these peptides to make enzymes -- which are made from proteins. Amino acids can be useful too. 

When inadequate welding recommend HCL & Pepsin (stomach acid), which helps to decompose food.

There are many types of enzyme. All are essential. To date some 30 species. The main enzymes that dictates the quality products are:
- Bromelain
- Lactase
- Papain
- Protease
- Gluten Protease
- Amylase
- Lipase
- Cellulase
- Lactase
- Maltase
- sucrase
Additional cancer fighter Citrus Pectin. It has the ability to prevent metastasis or spread of cancer. Modified citrus pectin small molecules enter the bloodstream and act as bait for lecithins (proteins on the surface of cancer cells) that are looking for sugar galactose in cells. When lectins encounter the pectin, which also contains galactose, they attach to it, as they would be tied for the cell. Once bound to pectin, lectins are not able to be tied down to other places in the body and form new colonies of cancer. Thousands of research studies have confirmed the anti-carcinogenic effect of citrus pectin.

For further information about the use of pancreatic enzymes as a cancer treatment, we suggest the comprehensive article by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez entitled "The History of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer" and published in the peer-reviewed journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; click here to read:




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