D9 PROTOCOL against cancer consists of nine parts. Those supplementary parts are interconnected and as a whole they give good results. In the picture below, you can check each part of the D9 protocol separately.

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The Association Liora, the Association Hug of Health, The CanSAVE Center from Vrhnika, Slovenija and the specialized oncology hospital Nova Vita, Belgrade, Serbia, work together in order to inform their patients about the therapies and protocols, perform tests and treat their patients (in hospital in Belgrade) using Cuban, German, American, Japanese and Russian TERAPIES and PROTOCOLS. We are specialized in the latest Immuno Therapies and Protocols against cancer, such as: "High dose of C vitamin & vitamin B-e-XVII ", Cuban lung cancer treatments, glioblastoma and astrocytoma brain tumors, the protocol with Russian medical petroleum called "The Russian quadruple", MMS protocol, as well as the metal-energy support for the treatments. We have started and are running now a new program against multi-sclerosis. The disease is treated with Cuban vaccines. At the same time we are performing therapies and medical treatments against borelliosis, auto immune diseases, autism, Asperger's syndrome, ADD / ADHD, allergies, intolerance, psoriasis, baldness and the entire detoxification program at the cellular level.

We are offering you to get the the right information and knowledge as well as to learn how to apply THERAPIES and PROTOCOLS independently and on your own in home care in collaboration with the oncologists, internists, immunologists, naturopaths and healers who take an active part in the work of our Association and help our patients. YOU CAN MAKE THE APPOINTMENT HERE...

WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF CANCER AND HOW TO CONQUER THE DISEASE? Some of the main causes of the disease will be mentioned above. First, there are some harmful microorganisms which can cause numerous physical problems which further affects the immune system. As a result, the immune system weakens because it is overloaded. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites can also weaken the immune system. The consequences of this weakening are energy deficiency and reduced ability of the body to fight cancer cells (as in the daily recognition and destroying genetically defective cells / potential cancer cells). Reduced physical activity leads to a decrease in blood and lymph circulation in some parts of the body. There is a standstill in those body parts. The flow of fluids slows down, the flow of nutrients is poor, and harmful substances are not eliminated from the body fast enough so these parts of the body become potentially suitable for infections and diseases. The consequence is a lack of cellular energy in the cell itself (cell membrane). The intake of heavy metals and other harmful substances that get into the body through poor nutrition (air or water) make it difficult to produce / burn ATP cell energy. Stress is a serious and harmful factor that creates energy blockages in energy channels (meridians), reduces the flow of energy through the body and the cells, which further reduces the strength of the immune system (as the energy is needed for the successful functioning of immune system). Heavy metals inside the cells aggravate the production of Gc protein which is a necessary component in activating macrophages M1 (antibodies responsible for the destruction of cancer and genetically defective cells). Stress also influences the production of Gc proteins in the body. How to conquer the DISEASE: Get rid of harmful microorganisms that unnecessarily burden the immune system so that the body is able to fight cancer once again. Detoxification of a body at the cellular level and the removal of heavy metals and other harmful substances allows the body to rebuild the necessary amounts of the ATP cell energy as well as the Gc protein by establishing proper functioning of the liver, kidneys and intestines (absorption of nutrients in the intestines). The therapy includes Gc protein (GcMAF therapy), which activates the Macrophage M1 antibodies which can "recognize" cancer cells, genetically defective cells and take an active part in their destruction. Make sure that your nutrition is an adequate one and of a high quality. The appropriate infusion therapy such as vitamin C and B17 together with Cell-Wave therapy directly influences the destruction of cancer cells. In order to overcome the disease, it is both necessary and desirable to combine these activities. Together they make an integrated holistic protocol which provides better results and improves the healing process. To this end, the D9 protocol was created. The two short films below show how the immune system destroys cancer cells when it functions properly. …

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