It is very important to start detoxification at the same time with the other important protocols. This step is meaningful and implemented by almost all private anticancer centers and clinics around the world. Irrespective of which protocols you choose to execute.
The most popular combination of detoxification is diet:


- micron or nano zeolite, which bind heavy metals to themselves and carry them out from the body. Micron zeolite is used with all forms of cancer, while nano zeolite in the spray is additionally used, in the case of brain cancer, and testicular or ovarian cancer, as it may pass through hard-permeable membranes of the brain, the ovaries and testicals.




seaweed chlorella and spirulina powder or tablet. Chlorella cleanses the body from heavy metals and virtually all of the toxins we have consumed and which have remained in the body, and the remnants of dead organisms and their toxins. Spirulina helps chlorella and feeds oxygen to the cells. 




- freshly ground milk of thistle seeds, cleans liver and blood. It is important to consume every ground seeds grounded in a coffee grinder or with a meat mallet..







- fresh goat or cow whey, in the quantities from 2 dl to 5 dl cleans liver and blood. It is usually consumed at night before going to bed, because phase of the liver purification starts at about 11 pm and ends at approximately 2 am. 







detoxification protocol by Dr.. W. Lee Cowden, It contains tinctures for destroying harmful microorganisms, detoxification, prevention of Herxheimer reaction, and detoxification of cell using a laser. 







Zapper is used to assist in cases of serious forms of microorganism presence in a body. Zapper is used according to the instructions of a bioresonance therapist. You can rent Zapper for three months at our Center. 




The time required for body detoxification is up to one year. Protocols can be adapted individually depending on the degree of disease, intensity and time.
For the Aaccurate information on the implementation of DETOXIFYING PROTOCOL please contact us in the   Center and make an appointment for the individual consultations.
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