What is cancer and how is it caused?


head-1058432_1280This disease occurs for a long time on all continents under different names. Opinions about the cause of cancer worl wide are different in conventional medicine and in alternative medicine. My opinion is given below in the text and on my web site my opinion is based on my own experience, knowledge and expertise of many world scientists, doctors, researchers, geniuses, self-taught etc. I am not saying that I am right. My recommendation for everyone is to inquire as much as you can, to read, learn and form their own opinion. Which I can say based on the experience is that in this area I have had a lot of success.



Cancer – mutation of healthy cells (DNA) is the result not the cause which may easily form on „body-physical basis“or on „mental-emotional-energetic basis„  



  • Improper nutrition, pH imbalance in the body – acidity of the body (not blood) which results in a deficit of oxygen in the cells and creates environment for cells of viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi etc;
  • Significant increase of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and their toxins in the body which reduce energy production in the cells and they weaken „IMMUNE SYSTEM“to the extent that the same is unable to quckly destroy cancer cells (which occur – mutate every day);
  • Acidity of the bodyleads to lack of oxygen in cells and to reducing in energy production in the process of cellular metabolism;
  • Cellular hunger … lack of sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen, carbon, sulfur, nitrogen and all other necessary elements in the cells;
  • Poisoning of the body and cells with heavy metals and over 3000 different toxins that are entered with inadequate industry food, water and air;
  • Disfunctioning of metabolism of the small and large intestine responsible foruptake and absorption of necessary elements and water from food through the intestinal wall;
  • Ultra-violet rays (excessive sunbathing), with almost similar frequency as our cells (2.5 GHz and higher), which affect the decomposition of our cells and their mutation (DNA);
  • Damaging high frequencies of mobile phones, antennas, repeaters, base stations, harp system which are similar to the frequency of our cells (2.5 GHz and higher), which affect the decomposition of our cells and their mutation (DNA);
  • Harmful and hazardous electromagnetic waves, underground water currents which affect long-term irritation of our healthy cells and mutation (DNA).


- Emotional blockages and wrong mental patterns of thinking cause reduce of energy flow, energy blockages and cell voltage drop below 50 mV. Natural – Enrgy of earth and cosmic energy flow through our bio-field. Within it we have 14 main channels – meridians and 365 energy points or valves (acupuncture points) which supply our body, each organ and cell. Our thoughts and feelings can create blockages in energy channels, energy chakras and bio-field. Blockage mostly occurs unconsciously (subconsciously).
Through life when we face the unpleasant situations and experiences: fear, hurt, pain, sadness, anger, rage, jealousy, deep sorrow … In those moment our consciousness or subconsciousness initiates energy blockage to protect itself (soul protection). In that moment this solution is goods but not for a long term. We all have two sources of energy which supply us. First isthe Universal source (present everywhere) and the second is our inner source (our energy reserves in our bio-field). In order to better understand this, you can compare it with physiscal body, food and reserves of fat. We feed on daily basis and we entert the food from outside into our body. This is the only correct way. If there is no food the body uses its own fats and burns them until it uses all of them. After that if we don’t take food we will die. The same is with energy. In the moment when our consciousness creates blockage it was due to precautions and to protect. However, when the “threat or situation” passes we must become aware of blockage, remove it and return regular normal energy flow which supplies us from Universal source. This “unblocking” is natural for the children.  Children cry but after some time they are again cheerful as if nothing has happened.
With adults it is more difficult. The system is not functioning instantly and spontaneously as with children, the adults forget about blockage, why and when it occurred. Adults become used to blockage and less of energy which becomes part of them (the effect of boiling frog). First it is necessary to determine why the blockage occurred, when, where it is located and to become aware of it. In thoughts we must return to that event and place, several times until we remove the blockage. Ususally we can feel it by ourselves, as a great relief, no pain anymore, we feel relaxed, like reborn again, cheerful… Child in us lives again. Blockage is gone and energy flows again.
If the opposite occurs, which happens to most of the people, they are under energy blockage for a very long time (or bigger blockage) out of FEAR and gradually in a few months or years they lose their energy reserves. It can happen “over night” in case of severe trauma or fears. When the stocks of energy are lost the first signs appear: fatigue, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, apathy, mental pain in the chest, heart, lump in the throat or stomach stone … If this situation persists longer, cell voltage drops at the location of the biggest energy blockage or where the need for energy is the greates. When the cell voltage drops in the certain body part below 50 mV, cell mutates into a cancer cell.
For this process most people need the help of a therapist who is specialized in removing energy blockages. At the CanSAVE Center in Ljubljana and Novi Sad we have individual and group therapies to remove energy blockages. In Novi Sad we are starting with these therapies from September 2016.
If there is the above stated imbalance, cell voltage is reduces (energy) to the point (below 50 mV) that healthy cells mutate into cancer cells. Weakened immune system cannot recognize them and destroy them immediately and cancer occurs in the form of uncontrolled mass of cancer cells..



The main cause of the cancer was officially discovered in 1923. For this discovery Otto Warburg has won the Nobel Prize. Dr. Warburg states: all normal healthy cells have apsolute need for oxygen and they are aerobic. Tumor cells may live without it and they are anaerobic. This rule is without exception. Very few people know about this because this truth has been concealed from the public. If this discovery was disputed the Nobel Prize would have been long since revoked.
According to Dr Otto Warburg the cells may survive only in the presence of glucose in the environment without oxygen. Anaerobic cancer cell burns sugar without oxygen and it can process – burn only 5% of 100% sugar in it. The remaining 95% of sugar is decomposed into two part oft he lactic acid (Krens Cycle cancer). This is how the cancer patients have increased levels of lactic acid in the body. Therefore, in time these patients experience fatigue and lack of strength



Acidity and alkalinity of the body completely depends on the food you eat and on your stress level!!! When digestive process is complete, depending on nutrition values of the food, conditions for acidity or alkalinity are created in the body.
Simply put, alkalinity or acidity in the body (pH value) depends on what we eat, how we process foodandhow healthy is the food we eat!!! When we are stressed our body produces adrenalin and other elements which also indirectly cause acidity in the body and energy blockages.
 Acidity or alkalinity in the body is measured on pH scale from 0 to 14, where 7 is neutral, from 0 to 7 is acidic, from 7 to 14 is alkaline. For humans middle is neutral of 5.55 pH.
In order to function normally our cells should have optimum pH alkalinei, between 5.55 and 7.45, except in the stomach, bile and urine. For each individual, healthy pH value of the blood is between pH 7.35 and pH 7.45. Blood constantly regulates itself (to the detriment of other cells and body), to prevent falling into metabolic acidity, but inedaquate nutrition makes remaining cells in the body acid, polluted and endangered.
In case of excessive acidity the cell begins to dispose of all the acid elements from itself (oxygen– O), and the body must reach for alkaline elements from reserves to neutralize the acidity by sacrificing minerals and other elements (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium…) from the bones, teeth, nails and hair. Therefore there is shortage of these elementsAT THE CELLULAR LEVEL. In the laboratory these elements and iron, hemoglobin, sugar,…may be measured only in blood. However blood is only about 8% of the body. Hardly anyone can measure levels of these elements in cells at the cellular level. For this analysis you need to travel abroad. If some element lacks in the blood it doesn’t mean it lacks in the cells. And vice versa.Since the cell is damaged and cell membrane is not functioning properly (below 70 mV), it cannot absorb necessary elementsthe cell suffers and becomes vulnerable. The voltage of the healthy cell is between 70 mV and 120mv. In that range it can absorb all the necessary elements. Diseased cell is below 70 mV, and cancer cell is below 50mV. Diseased cell with voltage below 70 mV, cannot absorb all the necessary elements, it suffers and in most of the cases dies. Some cells do not die but they can mutate (change their DNA) in cancerous and travel through the body. This happen everyday, all the time. These mutated cells are handled by our policeman “IMMUNE SYSTEM”. The problem occurs when the immune system is weakened and is no longer able to perform 100% its work. In that situation immun system may fail to recognize the mutated cancer cell and to bypass it (fail to recognize) and fail to destroy it. Immune system fails to recognize cancer cell because it is surrounded by thick capsid and has lower energy voltage. At that place, begin to divide without control, grow and form cancer fomrations. Cancer is formation of mutated cells which act (as a parasite in human body), as foreign body in human bodyit uses the food and energy of our body, develops, grows, creates its own blood vessels which enables it to grow more and at the end it kills its host – human being.




… …some sections of the text  below are from the original article and literature on cancer which are in English. We translated for you  to understand it more easily.
I would like to emphasize and explain to the readers, that in the text below, wherever the article refers to our work (but we are not referring to other articles and scientific works) we HAD TO remove expressions cancer treatment and use fight against cance or beat cancer instead. We had to do that because the inspection body (under the influence of the law protecting the pharmaceutical lobby) forbade us to use the terms “to treat cancer or cure cancer“. They said that these terms are for parmacy and conventional medicine use only. The rest of us healers and mother nature do not have rights to use these words. Unfortunately this is the picture of the modern world where people suffer from serious diseases. Sadly, some of them suffer from cancer while the others suffer from greed and bribery.
You would not believe how many emails we have received from cancer patients who have gone through these three stages:
1) The patient has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and surgery,
2) The patient was told they were “cancer free,”
3) Several months later the cancer “came back,” which is called “regression.”
Among other things, this article explains what went wrong and how to prevent the cancer from coming back.

When talking about what causes cancer, and there are a lot of factors which can cause cancer, we must mention two different but equally important levels:
-    The first level is talking about cancer at the systemic level. We will explain what conditions in the body allow cancer to grow out of control and how to deal with this problem.
-    The second level is about what causes cancer at the cellular level. In other words, why does a healthy cell become a cancer cell.
These two topics are totally different!!!
-    A person dealing with the cancer treatment can do a research on how to kill cancer cells or revert cancer cells into normal cells.
-    A person dealing with a cancer treatment can also explore why the the immune system was weak, why the things got out of control and how to restore balance and full function of the immune system to be able to destroy microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) and consenquently cancer cells.

A discussion about what causes cancer at the cellular level is a totally different from the one which explains what causes cancer at the systemic level.
In this context, we will also mention how to revert cancer cells to be normal again, which is, in my opinion the only right and permanent way of treating cancer.
We will start with what causes cancer at systemic level.

What Causes Cancer – Systemic Level

Everybody has cancer cells in their body, so why does one person never get diagnosed with cancer while the other does?
Cancer is almost always caused by a number of the same events.
First, harmful microbes and parasites penetrate the organs and dwell in them. These microbes most frequently originate from thermally unprocessed meat and dairy products but can come from other sources too.
Second, these microbes intercept glucose on its way to the cells in the organs, thus depriving cells of their food.
Third, these microbes excrete (as their waste products) mycotoxins, which are highly acid and totally worthless to the cells.
Fourth, as the cells (in the organs) don’t get the food they need (the flow was interrupted), and because they live in real dirt (i.e. mycotoxins), the energy of the cells in the organs decreases (electromagnetic voltage of a cell lowers).
Fifth, organs are made of cells exclusively. In other words, if you took all of the cells out of an organ, there would be no organ. Hence, since the cells in an organ / organs are weak, the organs are weak too.
Sixth, because one or more major organs are weak the immune system weakens. Actually, the microbes weaken the immune system both directly and indirectly.
Seventh, because the immune system is weakened it can not destroy the cancer cells which begin to multiply uncontrollably. The matter gets out of control forming growing mass of cancer cells causing the disease called "cancer".
So, to conclude, the cause of cancer are microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites) which dwell in organs or in the colon (or bloodstream), that weaken the immune system!!!
However, some other things can indirectly cause cancer as well. For example, a vaccine can weaken the immune system due to mercury, heavy metals and toxins or viruses it contains. Filth and deposits of undigested food in the small and large intestine (which prevent normal absorption of nutrients from food in the intestines) can also weaken the immune system…and many other things.
You have probably noticed the words “or bloodstream” in the paragraph above. Cancer patients, who have microbes in their organs, have microbes in the bloodstream, too. Which causes the other one, varies from one cancer patient to another, because microbes which dwell in organs will spread to the bloodstream, and vice versa. Exactly how much the microbes in the organs weaken the immune system, versus how much the microbes in the bloodstream weaken the immune system varies by case, but parasites will probably be found in the organs.

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